Big Bear Time Trial and the Tour de France

Tour de France
Stage 1 of the 2015 Tour de France is a short 8.6 mile, individual Time Trial. Stage 9 is a 17 mile Team Time Trial. The climb heavy 2015 Tour favors Alberto Contador; and the early and short Time Trials do not favor Chris Froome. But the short Tour de France individual Time Trial matches up well with the Big Bear Amgen Tour of California Time Trial length. So there is a good possibility we will see some big name Euro Pros use Big Bear as a preparation for the short and early Tour de France Time Trial.
Winning a Stage 1 Tour de France Time Trial is very prestigious for the Time Trial specialists. Winning a Big Bear Time Trial will also rank high on a Time Trial specialist’s goal list. It will be interesting to see what the Giro d’ Italia does in the area of scheduling short and early Individual Time Trial stages in order to attract Tour de France Time Trial specialists. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Time Trial specialists who ride the Big Bear Time Trial, drop out and avoid the next day Baldy queen stage to recover and continue preparation for the July Tour.
The Pro Teams who target and use Amgen Tour of California as Tour de France prep and have Time Trial focus, will put the Big Bear Time Trial in their sights. Any domestic pro continental team or riders that compete in the April National Race Calendar Redlands Classic, who also may get an Amgen Tour of California invite, will definitely want to do early high altitude training in both Big Bear Lake and on the North Shore.
Big Bear Lake welcomes the pro teams and riders. With the support of local road bicycling, we continue to position Big Bear Lake, CA as a high altitude training center great for anything, from recreational, to world class professional cycling teams.
- Ray Dicius, 2015 Amgen Tour of California Big Bear Time Trial Stage Local Organizing Committee Vice-Chair
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Amgen Tour of California Helps Boost Economy During Slow Shoulder Season

BIG BEAR LAKE, CA – Monday AEG, presenter of Amgen Tour of California announced Big Bear Lake as a host city for the 10th Anniversary Amgen Tour of California professional cycling race. On Friday, May 15, 2015 Big Bear Lake will be the site of Amgen Tour of California’s first ever high-altitude time trial for its Stage 6 ride.

This marks the third time in six years that Big Bear Lake is a host city for Amgen Tour of California, which reaffirms the mountain resort as a world-class road cycling destination. Officials of Big Bear Lake are excited with the opportunity to present Big Bear’s mountainous terrain and natural assets to recreational outdoor enthusiasts throughout the world. The visibility includes two hours of continuous TV coverage to a vast international audience. The cyclists start and finish the Stage 6 Time Trial in Big Bear Village, which means the two hours of continuous TV coverage is all based in Big Bear.

“This race will once again put Big Bear Lake on the international stage giving Big Bear an opportunity to shine in the spotlight to millions of viewers!” said City of Big Bear Lake Mayor Jay Obernolte. “We’ll also experience an influx of people on race day, which will help our economy.”

In addition to the great media coverage, the race is expected to draw thousands of spectators to Big Bear during the slowest time of year. The Big Bear Local Organizing Committee anticipates the race will help boost the economy like it did in 2010 and 2012. Big Bear Events Resource Office reported the 2010 and 2012 Amgen Tour of California races combined had a significant economic impact on Big Bear, which generated more than $1.2 million dollars toward the local economy.  The Big Bear Resource Office also found through its surveys that 36 percent of the spectators in 2010 were first-time visitors to Big Bear and 28 percent were first-time visitors in 2012.

Ever since Big Bear hosted Amgen Tour of California in years past, it has experienced a steady increase of visitors and locals alike who have shown a keen interest in cycling in and around Big Bear Valley. Amgen Tour of California has had a substantial influence on the local community including the birth of Big Bear Cycling Association. In the past several years many cycling related programs and activities have developed including community rides and major events such as Big Bear MTB Gran Fondo, Grizzly 100, Big Bear Cycling Festival, and Tour de Big Bear. These events have created opportunities for local businesses and great revenue sources for Big Bear.

“Hosting the Amgen Tour time trial is an incredible opportunity for Big Bear Valley,” said Linda Ricchiuti, owner of The Copper Q (in Big Bear Village). “Having an event of this magnitude, during what is traditionally a slower season, will create great start to our season and the worldwide publicity will have a long lasting economic impact on Big Bear Valley.”

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